25-27 of August 2020, Murmansk
The conference continues a series of academic events dedicated to the issues of hydromechanics in environment. In 2020, the conference will organized by Murmansk Arctic State University in the city of Murmansk (Russia).

Dates: 25-27 of August 2020.

Conference language: English

The conference framework will be extended by an international school for young scientists "Topical issues of the aeromechanics in high-latitude areas" (28-31 of August, MASU's research camp Tuloma, Murmanks).

The conference is playing a considerable role for the scientific community and was organized multiple times: Svetlogorsk (1987), Kaneve (1988), Novosibirsk (1989), Yrmala (1990), Vladivostok (1991), Saint-Petersburg (1992), Moscow (1993), Saint-Petersburg (1995), Svetlogorsk (1996), Moscow (1997), Saint-Petersburg (1999), Moscow (2001), Saint-Petersburg (2003), Moscow (2005), Saint-Petersburg (2007), Moscow (2009), Vladivostok (2011), Saint-Petersburg (2013), Kaliningrad (2015), Vladivostok (2018).

In 2020, organizers invite you to participate in conference which this time will be hosted by Murmansk Arctic State University in the city of Murmansk.
Additional information about the conference can be found at http://www.masu.edu.ru/science/events/liquids/
Conference topics:

  • Dynamic processes in the polar ocean and atmosphere;
  • Climatic and synoptic factors in the high-latitude ocean;
  • Waves, vortices, coherent structures, turbulence — the effect of phase transitions;
  • The influence of dynamic structures in the ocean on hydrochemical, hydrobiological and ice fields;
  • Analytical, numerical and laboratory modeling of processes in the ocean and atmosphere;
  • Traditional and modern methods of measuring natural system
  • Technical and technological applications in the problems of ocean dynamics and the atmosphere.
Main Dates

15 of April 2020 - Deadline for registration and abstracts submission

30 of April 2020 - Information about included abstracts in conferences program

24 of August 2020 - MASU registrations

25-27 of August 2020 - XX international conference "FLUXES AND STRUCTURES IN FLUIDS"

28-31 of August 2020 - International school for young scientists "Topical issues of the aeromechanics in high-latitude areas"

International program committee
  • S.I. Abarzhi (Australia)
  • H.I. Andersson (Norway)
  • V.G. Baydulov (Russia) — scientific secretary
  • Yu.D. Chashechkin (Russia) — co-chair
  • Н. Choi (Korea)
  • V.E. Ermanyuk (Russia)
  • Ph. Fraunie (France)
  • Y. Fukumoto (Japan)
  • G.G. Gogoberidze (Russia)
  • A. Herczynski (USA)
  • M.A. Knyazeva (Russia) – co-chair
  • V.B. Lobanov (Russia)
  • A.A. Namgaladze (Russia)
  • J.-M. Redondo (Spain)
  • E.A. Rumyantseva (Russia)
  • S.E. Yakush (Russia)
  • A.G. Zatsetpin (Russia)
Organizing committee

  • Chashechkin Yulii
  • Gogoberidze Georgii
  • Rumyanceva Ekaterina
Participation fee
For Russian participants
2000 rub
For young scientist (before 35 years)
500 rub
For PhD. students
500 rub
For students
500 rub
Russian participants - 2000 rub
Young scientist (up to 35 years) - 500 rub
PhD. students - 500 rub
Students - 500 rub
Participation fee is used for conference materials' publication and for conference organization:
Conference program

The conference program will be published after the collection and processing of abstracts

Abstracts are presented in English, in the MSOffice editor, up to 3 pages, A4 format, 2.5 cm margins, font 12, indicating the title of the report, authors, their place of work and country. Selected papers will be published in one of the journals indexed by Web of Science or SCOPUS.

See example
Rules of Conference presentations


The program will consist of:

  • Lectures (up to 30 minutes)
  • Reports (up to 15 minutes)
  • Poster presentations (up to 3 minutes, a poster in A0 format)
Meeting rooms are equipped with boards, multi-media projectors.

Selected reports are planned for publication in a journal indexed by Web of Science and / or SCOPUS.


Murmansk is a young, strong and very unusual city with a huge potential for stable development in the near future. This largest city in the world beyond the Polar Circle with a population of about three hundred thousand people is located on the shore of the ice-free Kola Bay. Here begins the great Northern Sea Route, which makes the city one of the most powerful northern ports in Europe, not only for trading and fishing, but also for tourism. It is here where the gates to the Arctic open, to its almost inexhaustible mineral and biological resources.

Murmansk Arctic State University

The timeline of Murmansk Arctic State University, the first and the oldest university on the Kola land, is a whole epoch not only in the history of the city's public education, but also of the whole Murmansk region. During its long history, the university changed its status several times, but it invariably grew and improved, which was expressed primarily in the emergence and development of scientific environment, experienced and highly qualified teachers, and most creative and amicable atmosphere imaginable.

  • Murmansk Teachers' Institute (1939–1956)
  • Murmansk State Pedagogical Institute (1956–2002)
  • Murmansk State Pedagogical University (2002–2010)
  • Murmansk State Humanities University (2010–2015)
  • Murmansk Arctic State University (2015–now)
In all stages of its history, the university trained specialists not only for public education, but also for the other spheres that deal with the political, scientific, technical, social, and cultural challenges of our region.

For now, MASU graduates account for 47% of the overall number of university and college graduates in the Murmansk region. MASU offers academic courses and vocational training in 55 areas and comprises 3 campuses: Murmansk, Apatity and Kirovsk.

MASU's greatest achievement in 2017 is that it has become a fully-fledged university with the status of one of Russia's flagship universities.
Hotel accommodation

Under reconstruction

Social program

A conference banquet is planned. Entrance fee - 2500 rubles.

Other options are under reconstruction
Practical information

Under reconstruction
Organizing committee

Chashechkin Yulii
- Head of conference
E-mail: chakin@ipmnet.ru, yulidch@gmail.com
Tel: +7 (495) 434-0192

Baydulov Vasiliy -
Conference secretary
E-mail: bayd@ipmnet.ru

Gogoberidze Georgii
- Local organizing committee
E-mail: gogoberidze.gg@gmail.com
Tel: +7 (911) 784-0701

Rumyanceva Ekaterina
- Technical secretary
E-mail: rumkate@rambler.ru
Tel: +7 (921) 922-0218



Functionality: participants registration, abstracts acceptance, conclusion of participation agreements, organizational fees acceptance, preparation of financial documents and hotel accommodation for participants.

E-mail: info@mkcongress.ru
Tel.: +7(985) 045-7465 WhatsApp & Viber, +7(495) 726-5135